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EXP Controls

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EXP Controls is UL Certified

EXP Controls is a Certified UL 508A Panel Shop

Holding a UL 508A listing means:

  • We have a certification to provide our customers with evidence that our control panels are fully compliant with national safety standards
  • Our electrical control panels are compliant with all national and local electrical codes
  • We are subject to unannounced inspections by UL personnel and periodic audits to ensure we are meeting all UL requirements at all times 

The UL Mark is one of the most recognized, accepted, and trusted symbols in the world. It shows that the Underwriter’s Laboratory has evaluated and tested samples of a component and concluded it meets UL requirements. 

Why Does EXP Controls Maintain the UL508A Listing?

The UL 508A listing for our custom control panel service lets you know we provide electrical distribution solutions that comply with national and international recognized safety standards. The safety of your employees and equipment is very important to us, and we assure you the electric control panels are compliant with the appropriate standard. 

We can...

  • Design
  • Fabricate
  • Test
  • Program

your custom solution. Anytime.

 EXP Controls will:

  • Analyze customer's manufacturing needs
  • Consult on best solutions available to meet customer requirements
  • Establish equipment electrical ratings
  • Develop panel design & electrical drawings
  • Build custom panel(s) according to approved design
  • Perform thorough QC testing and verification 

What is a Control Panel?

A control panel is an assembly of components mounted on or contained in an enclosure. Alternatively, the control panel may be mounted on a sub-panel. The control panel unit includes the associated wiring and terminals, and can be open or closed. 

A control panel is made up of power circuit components, control circuit components, or a combination of both. 

Power Circuit Components

  • Motor controllers
  • Overload relays
  • Fused disconnect switches
  • Circuit breakers

Control Circuit Components

  • Pushbuttons
  • Pilot lights
  • Selector switches
  • Timers
  • Control relays

The control panel does not include:

  • Controlled equipment
  • Loads connected to power circuits
  • Equipment mounted remotely from the panel and connected through wiring systems or equipment